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Learn how to LOVE through all of the senses.


So many songs have been written about this subject, and YES many still want to find it, feel it, experience it, and deeply know what it is like to be in LOVE.

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What is it to find yourself in the void?

Once you make that decision putting a self first and really making a hard decision may be leaving a job may be leaving apart now it’s that life-changing decision and then you’re really stepping into the self-love knowing your boundaries knowing yourself but who are you once you’ve stepped into the void. That is where…

Sharing the love

On Sunday I was at my first fair/expo in over 6 months as I’ve been focusing on my healing. On the outside we looked like we had a great relationship though behind the scenes things have been like a tornado for a very long time. Two people moving in different directions and never on the…

Put a little love in your heart

It’s 13 weeks to Christmas 🎄 so if your all deck the halls or Scrooge himself this one is going out to you. Hmm as the words for this song run through my mind (see song words below), I’m wondering what this all means to us as an individual. And how do we put a…


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