Sharing the love

Samantha-Jayne Love

On Sunday I was at my first fair/expo in over 6 months as I’ve been focusing on my healing.

On the outside we looked like we had a great relationship though behind the scenes things have been like a tornado for a very long time.

Two people moving in different directions and never on the same page.

So I made the decision that life needed to change.

I wanted change.

I wanted a deeper connection.

Life was not fun for a while as I went through a shitstorm of shame, guilt, anger, sadness and frustration. And fear.

Who am I if not a wife to this person?

Will I ever be whole again? Was I ever whole to begin with.

Now I’m allowing myself to fully feel joy, love, laughter, happiness.

One of the things that fills my cup with happiness is sharing my gifts with others.

I shared my voice and I didn’t go into judgement of how I sound I just sang. Which then flowed through the whole fair. And for me when I sang time and sound disappeared and I got to illuminate my being to all.

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