What is it to find yourself in the void?

Once you make that decision putting a self first and really making a hard decision may be leaving a job may be leaving apart now it’s that life-changing decision and then you’re really stepping into the self-love knowing your boundaries knowing yourself but who are you once you’ve stepped into the void. That is where the true adventure begins the moment where you don’t know who you are anymore because who are you without the thing that you were so attached to whether it was that job whether it was that partnership. Can you now look in the mirror and say this is me this is why I am this is what I love to do. Do you even know what you like to do? There is a time period that you need to wait to let yourself come back to neutral to come back to the zero point ground level ground zero to come back to you. And while you’re coming back to that ground level that Ground Zero they can be uncomfortable Ness the uncomfortable Ness that you thought that if you made that life-changing decision It’ll disappear. But it doesn’t disappear the pain the heartache all of the things that culminated for you to make that decision at that moment that perfect moment for you they all need to be seen and heard and felt after being talked away in that box for so long.
It would be so nice if all of that pain and anguish would just disappear unfortunately it doesn’t phase in the moments as we move through the pain and the suffering in the darkness is where we learn a lesson so that we can move forward we can empty that box so that we are not carrying those burdens with us anymore. This is about emptying the cup your cup your vessel so that you can refill it with beautiful nourishment and nourishment which is you loving on yourself. Yes yes yes my darling you did make that step you made that step that beautiful notion of self-love that big is commitment to yourself that hardest decission that you’ve made to this date That there is always that little bit more a bit of healing that needs to happen before we can step into the magic of the new life. Sometimes we need to fully shut down for all of that to happen to come back to ourselves and not to be externally being able to do everything for everybody else this is a pause in our life.
That pause may take a week a month it could take a year you just need to honor yourself and listen to what your body is telling you. Allow yourself the time that you need to come back to you to come back to your heart space.
And your body will know when you’re ready to start taking on the world again however that works for you whether it’s taking on a new position and career a new partner you will know.
You’ll feel a spark within your heart you feel alive again you take those small steps or maybe even a few big ones and he will start to shine your beautiful part of your sew your magic to the world.

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